(formerly known as SammDOT Tracker)

A webpage for tracking TTC buses and streetcars (subway is in the works!). Requires an HTML5-compatible web browser with JavaScript enabled.

The tracker uses the TTC's Real-Time Next Vehicle Arrival (NVAS) dataset, provided through NextBus, to track the location of any surface vehicle in the system. Soon, real-time tracking will be available for lines 1, 2 and 4 as well through the TTC's Next Train Arrival system.


Getting Started

PocketTrack can now be used without an account! Just go to https://tracker.sammdot.ca and start tracking.

Surface Tracker

Enter the number(s) of surface vehicles you want to track, and how often you want updates to be (minimum 5 seconds), and click Track. You can track multiple vehicles at once, and even entire ranges of fleet numbers. Examples:


The resulting map has a marker for each trackable vehicle in the specified range. It shows up as an arrow if the vehicle is reporting its direction, a circle otherwise. Click on the marker to show information about this vehicle, specifically the fleet number of the vehicle, its operating division (if available), and the route it is signed into. The marker will also be colored differently depending on the operating division.

You can also enter a route number to show all the vehicles on that route, or a division name to show all the vehicles in that division.

Bus and streetcar allocations are accurate as of July 11, 2021. If any allocations are missing, incorrect or have changed since then, please send me a message at sammi@sammdot.ca.

Subway Tracker

Coming soon!